Chocolates for Every Holiday

Chocolate Holidays

Our social calendar is packed full of festivals that mark special occasions or celebratory days to show appreciation to those who deserve it.

Here’s a rundown of a year’s worth of life’s little (or not so little) occasions that you can celebrate with chocolate!

Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year is celebrated throughout Asia and increasingly across the world. The Lunar New Year marks the start of spring and a symbol of new beginnings. For many, it is also a once a year gathering with friends and family, feasting and games are the order of the day.

Our Botanist Collection that draws inspiration from fresh herbal, floral and botanical flavours are the epitome of spring that would delight both the young and old.

Valentine’s Day

The tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day can be trace back all the way to the 1700s. Since then it’s been common practice for friends and lovers to exchange tokens of affection, handwritten notes or cards to express the emotions.

It goes against conventional wisdom to break with a tradition as sweet as this, our Milk Chocolate Collection is delicate, delectable and divine, just like your sweetheart.


After Santa Claus every child’s favourite character must be the Easter Bunny, with its basket laden with chocolates. It is without a doubt that chocolates and Easter are now almost synonymous with each other.  

Our Chocolate Coated Almonds have been roasted with a sea-salt caramel crust before being coated in milk chocolate and dusted in cocoa powder. It is not coincidental that each little nugget looks just like a delicious chocolate egg, perfect for Easter.

Children’s Day

You’d be hard pressed to find a child that doesn’t have a sweet tooth. Children might not be so easily pleased these days with the wide range of games, gadgets and bobs. However, you’ll yet to see a child not break into a smile when presented with some chocolate.

Fresh flavours are bursting out of the chocolates in our Orchard Collection, taking a cue from citrus fruits, berries and other tropical fruits, these would no doubt be a treat on Children’s Day.

Mother’s, Father’s & Teacher’s Day

It’s often not until we’re older that we come to appreciate those that have been part of our formative years. The roles of mother, father and teacher come with huge responsibility and it is never too late to show appreciation and respect for them. The gratification for them is usually more profound, but a sweet token of thanks in the form of chocolate would not go amiss.  

Our small gift boxes, the Chocolatier’s Collection and Selection would make for the perfect gift of thanks.

Mid-Autumn Festival

Stepping into September, the moon gradually rounds reminding us that the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching. Mid-Autumn is a time for reuniting with family and friends. Traditionally, many will gather with relatives and friends for dinner, enjoy mooncakes and play with lanterns.

Those adventurous enough could perhaps try something different, our Grand Cru Collection featuring chocolate made from single origin cocoa are just as special as mooncakes and are perfect for sharing with friends and family, young or old.


Ghosts, ghouls and candy should be this holiday’s tagline. For those looking to elevate their Halloween, those trick or treat-ers at the door would be pleasantly surprised to receive some artisanal handmade chocolate.

Sticking to the theme of darkness, our Dark Chocolate Pralines seem almost made for Halloween!


Friends, family, feasting and presents, these are what makes Christmas such a lovely time. In lieu of eggnog and mistletoe, perhaps a cheeky treat from our Mixologist Collection, which has chocolates flavoured with cognac, rum and other hearty liquors, will add to the festive spirit.