2021: A Taste Odyssey

Travel Through Taste

The year 2020 will go down in history as the year the world stood still. With physical travel severely restricted, we looked for new and innovative ways to explore new destinations and discover new experiences.

This is very much in the same spirit Philippe Pascoët approaches his chocolate creations. Delving into by memories made whilst travelling or unique experiences, Philippe extracts the essence of these encounters and infuses them into chocolate to create special edible moments.

Travel Postcards

Purple lavender field in Provence, South of France

Lavender field - Provence, South of France.

Imagine the heady scent of lavender rising from a sea of deep vibrant purple. These famed lavender fields found in Provence in the South of France conjure up many a happy memory of long European summer days spent sipping rosé.

Afternoon tea set with pastries, sandwiches, scones and tea at Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong

Afternoon tea at the Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong. 

A cup of earl grey tea could easily jolt a memory of luxurious afternoon tea at the famed Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong.

In the same way, the mixture of sweetness and fresh mint might evoke sipping piping hot mint tea whilst haggling over the prices of carpets down one of the many winding alleys of the bazaar in Marrakesh.

Let us not forget the lush verdant tea plantations from Darjeeling and Ceylon to the tea growing hills in China.

Tea pickers picking tea leaves at a tea plantation

Tea pickers picking tea leaves at a tea plantation. 

Horticultural Green Fingers

Gardening as a hobby has gain in popularity in the last year, with everyone in lockdown and looking for the perfect excuse to go outdoors, having sown the seeds a year ago, the best reward for the dedicated gardener must be a thriving edible herb or kitchen garden.

English herb garden with flowering plants

An English herb garden. 

The Botanist Collection

For the us city dwellers who don’t have the luxury of a garden or those of us still in lockdown and cannot travel, there’s the Botanist Collection by Philippe Pascoët. A delightful gift box packed with vibrant botanical flavours that will transport us through our palates to that charming tearoom, a buzzing bazaar or tranquil hills and gardens. Your imagination and taste buds take you to on that summer vacation.