The Philippe Pascoët Story

Chocolate Mountains

Hailing from Brittany in France, Philippe moved to pursue his passion for chocolate in Geneva, Switzerland. With the highest consumption of chocolate per capita, Switzerland is the undisputed chocolate capital of the world! With that in mind and the Toblerone shaped Alps as a backdrop, Philippe established his atelier in the small town of Carouge, where to this day all his chocolate products are still lovingly and painstakingly handmade by the master chocolatier himself and his team of chocolate artisans.

Swiss Chocolate Toblerone Mountain

The Toblerone takes it shape from the Matterhorn mountain. 

An Award Winning Chocolatier

In 2006, Philippe’s innovation and dedication to his craft earned him the Prix de L’Artisanat de Genève (The State Artisanal Award honours the diversity and craft of artisans in Geneva). This acknowledgement allowed Philippe to look beyond his atelier.

Philippe now delights chocolate lovers with his tantalising treats on the picturesque banks of Lake Geneva with an exclusive partnership with the Ritz-Carlton Hotel de la Paix, Geneva where guests know that sweet dreams beckon when greeted with a Philippe Pascoët chocolate each evening.  This is also, where few guests can resist the temptation to browse the Philippe Pascoët boutique in the hotel lobby for a chocolate souvenir with them on their onward journeys.

Philippe Pascoet Luxury Chocolate Shop Ritz Carlton Geneva

The Philippe Pascoët Boutique in the lobby of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Geneva.

The joys of chocolate have since also journeyed beyond the shores of Europe, with the opening in 2019 of a Philippe Pascoët store in trendy downtown Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and in 2021, Philippe Pascoët landed in Hong Kong by way of an online store much to the delight of chocolate lovers in the Far East.

The Ultimate Taste Experience

This recurring theme of journeys is no mere coincidence. For this is what Philippe hopes to do through chocolate, creating the ultimate taste journey. Poignantly, with many of us able to travel due to the ongoing travel restrictions, each of the carefully curated chocolate collections is a ticket to a different far-flung destination.

From Inspiration to Creation

Taking inspiration from world travels and snapshots from daily life whether in the bustling city or tranquil countryside, that moment, memory or sensation is distilled into a distinct flavour that is infused into the deep rich dark chocolate ganache, crafting a journey into a single chocolatey bite.

Philippe at his atelier in Carouge, Geneva. 

Stay tuned for your invitation to voyage with us as we explore our collections and inspirations in our next blog post.